We create the building blocks for an energetic lifestyle at an early age!

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Our preschoolers set themselves apart by striving to perform to the best of their abilities.

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We introduce diversity to students at a young age to create curious, open and loving minds!

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Rhythm & Movement

Fun programs to develop fine and gross motor skills and basic coordination.

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Diverse Dancing

Children will learn about music, dance, and rhythms from around the world

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Minis in Motion

Welcome to the home of Minis in Motion, an educational enrichment program available to preschools, daycares, and more throughout the greater Central New Jersey region. Our fun and energetic program creates a fun, new way for preschoolers to develop the essential building blocks of a healthy, active and culturally aware lifestyle! Our familiar classroom environment encourages students to feel motivated while channeling their energy into an action-packed class

Our highly engaging, low risk curriculum is focused on four major components: improving muscle tone, coordination, motor skills, and energy. With Minis in Motion, students are able to delve into a fun and culturally diverse environment in the comfort of their own classroom. Enrich the minds and bodies of your young children with the help of the talented instructors at Minis in Motion today!

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If your preschool or daycare is looking for a culturally diverse and physically stimulating enrichment program, contact the team at Minis in Motion today.