Our Curriculum

Curriculums Offered

Rhythm & Movement

A comprehensive component for children under the age of 3 that teaches the basics of following a beat!

Our trained instructors get our kids moving to enhance fine and gross motor development and coordination.

This engaging and motivating class also prepares students for a physically active and social lifestyle that will boost their personal confidence and athleticism.

Diverse Dancing

Adding a cultural element, this program incorporates music, dance, and rhythms of various countries from around the world.

Students of our Diverse Dancing program will get active while being introduced to different cultures from a young age! As excellent exercise for the body and mind, this class helps children to become more aware of themselves and their actions.

Why Choose Us?

Minis in Motion offers a fun, new way for preschoolers to create the building blocks for a healthy, active and culturally aware lifestyle!

Our familiar classroom environment encourages students to feel motivated while channeling their energy into an action-packed class.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our class curriculums or if you would like to discuss your organization’s need for a school enrichment program, we invite you to contact us today!