What We Do

Minis in Motion

Minis in Motion is a preschool or daycare enrichment program offered to the greater Central New Jersey community.

Our low risk curriculum is focused on helping to increase muscle tone for toddlers and preschool aged children.

Through effective stretching derived from basic gymnastics, yoga, and dance, our students will improve their flexibility, posture, and circulation.

This program introduces a multi-sensory approach to fitness that helps children to be more aware of themselves and their actions.

Our Rhythm and Movement class is a comprehensive component set to music that will help your kids learn the basics of following a beat!

This course will help improve coordination, further enhance fine and gross motor skills, and help to increase energy – the building blocks to a healthy lifestyle for today and tomorrow!

We set movements to fun and popular songs that our kids love!

Our professional staff teaches light cardio routines that increase blood low and engage the students’ brains and bodies.

We actively practice counting, mirroring movements, and work on multi-move sequences while following many diverse rhythms.

Our Diverse Dancing class offers many of the same physical benefits with the added value of exposure to many worldwide styles of music, dance, and culture.

This class provides the essentials for young children curious about the world around them.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding Minis in Motion or if you would like to discuss your organization’s need for a cultural enrichment program, please contact us today!